Student Curates Art Gallery in FSHA Library

If you haven’t yet read, “Calling All Bookworms to the FSHA Library! A Mom Returns to the Hill,” you should! Jennifer Munday (Marika Munday ’15) speaks the truth, the library is a magical place at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy! But somewhere over the rainbow there is a place just as magical (actually somewhere over the bridge), the art room! The walk to the art room is strenuous and don’t get me started on the walk back … uphill. But the view is stunning and in my opinion that’s worth the tuition right there. Though I’m not sure if my parents would agree with me. When you finally do reach the art room you’re greeted with creativity, the walls are covered with student artwork. For any art student or just anyone who appreciates art, this can make you feel right at home. I wanted to give back to the art room and the library.

We wanted to connect the library and the arts program, as well as make student art more visible for the general student population.

When Ms. Murphy asked me to join the Library Advisory Board (LAB) I jumped at the chance to do something awesome! Ms. Murphy started LAB three years ago as a small advisory group meant to give her the student perspective of the library’s programs, purchases and changes. This year LAB wanted students to better understand that the library is not just a place for books. We wanted to connect the library and the arts program, as well as make student art more visible for the general student population.

The library is now slowly becoming an art gallery! Being an art student and a member of LAB I was given the chance to try my hand at art curating. The first two pieces I chose for the library were from art two students; their assignment had been to draw two hands doing an activity. I thought the subject matter was perfect for the library because the library is a “helping hand” at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. These two pieces of student art are just the beginning! If you or a friend have a piece of art you’d like to donate to library, feel free to contact Ms. Murphy!

A little bit about the art and the artists!

Wangyue (Angie) Zhao ’18


The reason that I choose to use fork and knife to show the hand activity is because before starting this project, I just watched a music video of the song “Anti-Hero” from a Japanese band called SEKAI NO OWARI. I am really partial to the way how they use a hand dance to show the enjoy of foods. So I choose the theme of “eating” and decided to draw two hands with tablewares highlighted in red in order to show the theme of “eating.”

Catherine (Cate) Doud ’18


My inspirations for this assignment were comic book drawings and the boxing robots game where one robot is blue and the other is red. I thought it would be amusing to paint in blue and red because of the widespread news coverage concerning the political race to see who our next president will be (blue and red=republican and democrat) and to compare a national battle to a simple thumb war.

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