Inaugural Sankofa Celebration Here On The Hill

This year, we were excited to add a new tradition to our graduation week festivities. The inaugural Sankofa Celebration will be one of the many legacies our Black Student Union seniors leave with Flintridge Sacred Heart. This intergenerational event highlights the achievements, contributions, and experiences of our Black graduating seniors while connecting incoming and current Black families at FSHA. We are thankful to Dr. Jennifer Oliver (Chemistry Faculty and BSU Faculty Moderator, DeShawn Samad ‘11, and Cassandra Gonzales (Director of DEI) for making this idea a reality. Sankofa (SAHN-koh-fah) – A Twi word from the Akan Tribe of Ghana that loosely translates to, “go back and get it.” Sankofa is a phrase that encourages learning from the past to inform the future, reaching back to move forward, and lifting as we climb. Guest speakers included Alyssa Carter ‘16, and Reverend Dr. Yvonne Williams Boyd (Mother of Emily Boyd ‘11) who led the Libation Ceremony.A libation is an African form of prayer that serves as a way to honor ancestors, those who came before, and those who laid the foundation. Blessings were poured into the flower which will be planted on campus.We are very proud of our Tologs and the tradition they started. Inspire whole hearts and minds to speak truth. ❤️ WWW.FSHA.ORG

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