Digital Design and Photojournalism Yearbook Project About Global Warming

This year our Digital Design and Photojournalism Yearbook Course students learned how to research and design promotional campaign posts that would be used specifically for Instagram social media marketing. They were asked to read teenage activist Xiye Bastida’s essay “Calling In” to understand the difference between Climate Action and Climate Justice, which would be the two “big idea” topics they would then define further with headline and tagline copy. Their final project assignment was to design two versions of these posts so their “client” could have options to choose from, just as a real client would want. The objective of the two versions was to show comprehension of key design principles: alignment, visual weight, contrast, repetition, color optimization, and negative/positive space. Students exercised meaningful storytelling skills with their choices of visuals (photographs and graphics) in order to help intended audiences consider the climate action solutions they presented. Attached are some samples of their work from this project. We are very proud of the material our students produced. Inspire whole hearts and minds to speak truth. ❤️WWW.FSHA.ORG #fsha #highschool #flintridgesacredheart #tologs #community #sisterhood #catholic #catholicschool #catholicschoolpride #allgirlsschool #internstionalschool #international #california#losangeles #lacanada #pasadena #lacanadaflintridge #climatechange #globalwarming #globalnews

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