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Teacher Tech Tips

Participate in the Hour of Code!

December 7-13 is Computer Science Education Week. Many schools participate in the Hour of Code, an event where students spend one hour on a coding activity during their school day to demystify coding and show that anyone can learn the basics.  Watch this short video for inspiration! It is focused on getting girls to code.
The best part is that you don’t actually have to know how to code to participate.  You can simply follow the tutorials available online with your students for some great learning fun! Only minimal prep is required. One of the new tutorials is Star Wars themed to coincide with the new movie– so check it out!

12 Lesser Known Google Projects That are Absolutely Amazing

This blog post by Kyle Pearce, he lists “some of the lesser-known creative projects from Google that are also excellent educational tools,” There are great resources listed for science, math, social studies, and art as well as resources that could be used to support other areas of the curriculum. 

How do you rate your EdTech integration? An Introduction to the SAMR Model (video)

This short video by Common Sense Media explains the SAMR model of tech integration.  “You can use SAMR to reflect upon how you are integrating technology into your classroom. Is it an act of Substitution? Augmentation? Modification? Or Redefinition?”  The model can help teachers make the most effective use of technology in their classroom to impact student learning. 

Tech Tip: Open Links in a New Window

Although some web links have been programed to open in a new tab, many do not.  You can force your computer to open up a link in a new tab to save your current page by holding down the Command key when clicking on a link on a Mac.  If you’re using Windows, you will want to hold the Control button when clicking the link.

Upcoming EdTech Professional Development Opportunities.

  • Create an account at EdWeb.net to join a professional learning community with access to free webinars and continuing education certificates.  PLCs are available in Tech Tools, STEAM, Game-Based Learning, Assessments, Tech for Language Instruction and more!
  • If you are interested in attending this year’s CUE conference in Palm Springs on March 17-19, please let me know.  We can send at least 4 teachers.  Priority is given to teachers who have not attended an edtech conference before.
  • Rubicon Atlas is hosting the Western Regional Workshop, March 3-4 in Santa Ana, CA. It is focused on quality curriculum practices and becoming a curriculum process leader.

Teacher Spotlight: Claire Kashinsky

Claire’s freshmen biology students have been working on short stem cell research papers that will then be shared on their new digital portfolios. Claire worked with Nora Murphy, FSHA’s librarian, to introduce them to our amazing science databases. They identified specific areas of stem cell research and were asked to evaluate the effectiveness of the use of embryonic stem cells in the treatment of a human disease through their own research. The project reviewed important skills and reinforced the importance of using quality digital sources. Once the papers are graded, students will upload their work to the digital portfolios they are creating in Wix or Weebly (student choice).

The student digital portfolios may be used in any classes moving forward. It is a place for students to share their very best work and reflect on their learning process. The portfolios are intended to grow and change over time. Eventually, they should become an excellent reflection of academic achievement and student progress.

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