3 Tips for Surviving Freshman Year

Hi everyone! My name is Katherine Collins, and I am a current freshman at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. I have not been a freshman for every long, but I have a few tips on surviving this amazing year.

1. Try new things

Try new activities, but do not over commit yourself. Be sure to do get involved in the things you enjoy doing. This year is very fun, but make sure that you are doing what makes you happy. Commit yourself to just a few things so that you don’t over work yourself.

2. Manage your time

Be sure to manage your time well. There are many new things going on during freshman year, so make sure to stay focused and do things that make you happy. The biggest thing that I would say is get a calendar or some sort of to-do list because it is hard managing your time with all of your school work and fun activities.

3. Sleep!

As you may know, sleep is a very valuable thing, especially in high school. Remember that your mental health is the most important thing. This also goes with time management and not over committing yourself, because you don’t want to be out too late since getting homework done is essential.

I hope that these tips are helpful to you in your first few weeks of high school. If you have any questions about anything, please send me a TologNet message or look up my email address in the directory. I will be happy to answer anything you are wondering about.

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